Unanimous Defense Verdict Secured by Partner Martin Holly in Complex Jury Trial

We are pleased to announce that Martin Holly achieved a unanimous defense verdict in a contentious 6-day jury trial. This trial, bifurcated by the judge, involved our clients, a husband and wife, who had loaned their Toyota Prius to their 18-year-old son for a date. Despite his limited driving experience, the evening took a turn when the son lost control of the vehicle on a steep, curvy hill, resulting in an accident. The Prius collided with two parked Range Rovers, rolled over, and required the “Jaws of Life” to extract the occupants. While the driver sustained non-life-threatening fractures, his passenger experienced significant injuries.

The case was supported by a comprehensive array of experts, including specialists in PMR, neurosurgery, neurology, life care planning, vocational rehabilitation, economics, traffic, and accident reconstruction. The damages claimed included $3 million in past medical expenses, $21-$29 million for future care, $1.8-$3.4 million for lost earning capacity, and $50 million for pain and suffering. Recognizing the complexity and potential length of the trial, Judge Alarcon bifurcated the proceedings into liability and damages phases. After five days of presenting evidence, the jury deliberated for an additional day before concluding that the parents were not negligent in entrusting their vehicle to their son, finding no history of incompetence or unfitness. This decisive verdict highlights Martin Holly’s strategic acumen and dedication, ensuring a just outcome for our clients amidst formidable claims and opposition.

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