Recent Favorable Outcomes by Partner Jonathan Allen

In collaboration with Ategrity, Jonathan Allen secured a significant victory in Tarrant County, defending the company against a claim brought by a food delivery worker who alleged injuries from a fall attributed to a “false step” on an apartment staircase. Despite a request that the jury award $650,000, the jury disagreed with that request and awarded total damages totaling $165,000. After a reduction for the finding of 20% fault on the plaintiff, the final judgment was $141,000 plus interest. This outcome underscores Jonathan Allen’s expertise in navigating complex legal matters, showcasing his ability to secure favorable resolutions for his clients. 

In another trial, Jonathan Allen successfully defended a premises owner in a trip and fall case in Galveston, where the plaintiff sought $1.6 million in damages. Despite the plaintiff’s request, Jonathan’s strategic advocacy and Resnick & Louis’s legal prowess resulted in a jury allocation of 45% fault on the plaintiff and a total damages award of $150,000. After the reduction for the plaintiff’s percentage of fault, the judgment would have been reduced to $82,500. However, after the settlement credit was applied, a “take nothing” judgment in favor of the defendant was achieved.  This victory not only demonstrates our commitment to effective representation but also showcases our ability to achieve favorable outcomes even in challenging litigation scenarios.

Jonathan Allen’s track record of success underscores his exceptional legal skills and unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for clients at Resnick & Louis.

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