Ms. Goggin is a partner at Resnick & Louis in the Houston Texas office, and has an extensive history as a trial attorney. Prior to joining Resnick & Louis, Ms. Goggin was a partner with Cozzi & Goggin in Houston, TX. Prior to that, Ms. Goggin was with the Law Firm of Keisler & Berman in Chicago. Ms. Goggin was also a supervisor and trial attorney at Nationwide Insurance. She was associate and litigation defense counsel for Landau, Omahana & Kopka, managing its Belleville, Ill., office, and supervising more than 30 attorneys. She has been a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney and an assistant public defender. So far in her career, she has in excess of 95 jury and bench trials.

R&L: Can you tell us a bit about your legal background? 

I have been a litigation attorney for my entire career, starting as a public defender and moving onto Plaintiff’s work for 3 1/2 years.  I have tried nearly 100 cases with success not only in the outcomes of the trials themselves, but also in gaining my reputation for accurately assessing which cases to try, and, alternatively, which cases to settle for the proper value.  My clients have included multi-billion dollar corporations and insurance companies, as well as local businesses and individuals. My primary areas of practice as a partner, manager and litigator include transportation, construction, construction defect, products liability and premises liability, wrongful death to large loss property damage to high exposure personal injury.  I am licensed in Texas, Illinois and multiple Federal District Court, as well as the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

R&L: What drew you to Resnick & Louis?

R&L’s reputation as a diverse, moral, well-respected litigation firm representing many of the areas in which I practice law.  In addition, their willingness to expand the areas of practice and markets based on their clients’ needs.  Finally, their approach to the practice of law in keeping clients informed with accurate evaluations, legal analysis, relevant and timely updates, as well as excellent outcomes paralleled my personal legal philosophy.

R&L: What professional achievement are you most proud of?

I argued in the Illinois Supreme Court at the age of 25 in a criminal appeal where I was seeking detention credit for a teenage defendant who stole a bike out of a basement.  While I lost (always a good lesson) the decision paved he way for legislation to gain this type of credit against a sentence for other prisoners.

Also, trying nearly 100 trials, running for judge and being endorsed by all of our local bar associations, peer groups and publications at he age of 39.

Finally, in earning the respect of my former offices’ partners and associates in demonstrating my lead by example method of management;  always show the people you supervise that you perform everyday how you want them to perform in all aspects of your profession.

R&L: Similarly, what has been the biggest challenge of your career thus far and how did you deal with it?

I think the biggest challenge in my profession, and in life, is overcoming negativity, be it from other people or institutions.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with the majority of places I have worked and lived with positive and supportive people.

R&L:: What legal or community organizations are you most actively involved with?

Prior to moving to Texas, I was involved in the local county pro bono programs, representing indigent women (primarily) who needed orders of protection or divorce representation for free.  Upon moving to Texas, I became involved with an organization called KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) concerning the learning of how to deal  with immigration challenges facing minors at our southern border. These are in addition to my bar memberships including the Illinois State Bar, Texas Supreme Court and women’s associations.

R&L: When not at work or home, where are we most likely to find you?

After work you can find me at our local YMCA either running on the outdoor track or on the Stairmaster lifting weights.  On weekends, I love to garden, cook/bake, and listen to live music (spend time of course with my 2 sons and family/friends)

R&L: What is a fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

 About 5 years ago I tried out for the Chicago Bulls cheerleading squad– made it to the TV show but not the squad itself 🙂


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