🌟 Attorney Spotlight: Derek J. Warner 🌟

Office & Role: Partner at the Scottsdale, Arizona Office.

Professional Expertise: Derek specializes in personal injury, general liability, auto liability, premises liability, trucking liability, construction defect, and employment actions.

Outside the Office: When not practicing law, Derek cherishes moments with his wife and two children, indulging in family travels, involvement in the local church, disc golfing, hiking, basketball, and exploring various restaurants and breweries.

Fun Fact: Derek’s favorite childhood pastime, Pok√©mon, has become a cherished family activity. He and his children have reignited their passion for collecting trading cards and stuffed animals, even planning trips around retro game and card stores.

Additional Insights: Alongside being a licensed Attorney in Arizona, Michigan, and Utah, with New Mexico pending the swearing-in ceremony, Derek holds a Master of Business Administration. He also contributes to his wife and sister-in-law’s graphic design business, HH Design Studio, LLC.

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