Area of Practice: Worker’s Compensation

The attorneys that make up our workers’ compensation defense team have successfully represented businesses, insurance companies and third-party administrators in industrial workers’ compensation claims. With extensive experience defending these claims and managing the financial cost associated with them, many clients have come to Resnick & Louis for our thorough knowledge of workers’ compensation law and the judges who preside over these cases. We defend insurance companies and self-insured businesses of all sizes in workers’ compensation claims for alleged work-related injuries and occupational diseases.

Resnick & Louis is committed to providing aggressive and high-quality defense litigation. The firm’s team has litigated workers’ compensation and civil defense cases for nearly 20 years, and is dedicated to maintaining an aggressive defense-litigation position, while at the same time identifying fraudulent claims and prosecuting them.

Resnick & Louis provides a thorough analysis of each claim, seeking to identify any potential third-party who may be liable, and is fully prepared to litigate these and subrogation claims in order to reduce exposure for our clients.

Our team is able to provide such aggressive case litigation through detailed case analysis, copious depositions, thorough preparation and the application of creative defenses. This complex case management is accomplished through a state-of-the-art, computerized litigation-support system and team that is dedicated to succeeding for every client.

There are instances in which the third party can circumvent the exclusive remedy doctrine of workers compensation and enjoin the employer in the action. Depending on the nature and allegations of the action, coverage may be afforded under the contractual liability section of the employer's commercial liability policy or the employers liability section of the employer's workers compensation policy.

Worker’s Compensation Services

  • 132(a) claims
  • ADR claims
  • Defense of Workers' Compensation claims
  • Serious and Willful Misconduct claims

Attorneys Specializing in This Area:

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