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Resnick & Louis represents clients on a national, regional and local level in the transportation, trucking, shipping, cargo, property broker, freight forwarder, third-party logistics (3PL), intermodal, bus, taxi, private fleet, railroad, aviation and airport businesses, including insurers of transportation companies. We also handle claims concerning property damage and cargo claims that involve all types of cargo, including heavy equipment/machinery, dry/liquid, and hazardous. We routinely represent self-insured trucking companies, transportation insurers, owner/operators, and shippers, while vigorously defending them through all aspects of a claim – from accident date to pre-suit demands through trial and appeal.

When a trucking accident does occur, we have a rapid response system that enables us to take immediate measures to protect our clients’ interests, preserve evidence, and avoid claims of spoliation. Our 24-hour response team consists of our attorneys, accident reconstruction experts and investigators to ensure that our client’s interests are fully represented from day one.

Our transportation practice lawyers support , participate in and present at key organizations such as the National Association and Fleet Administration, the Trucking Industry Defense Association, American Trucking Association, Arizona Trucking Association, American Bar Association and Transportation Lawyers Association. They use this knowledge to provide clients and insurers with a comprehensive defense to reduce or eliminate liability on their behalf, including elements such as safety measures, training programs, vehicle inspections, and government compliance protocols.

In the coverage area, our experience extends to matters involving motor carrier and trucking as well as policies relating to property, general liability and cargo claims.

We appreciate the effect claims, accidents, and litigation may have on our clients’ businesses. Our attorneys have years of experience investigating and evaluating trucking litigation cases, from traffic violations to claims of personal injury. We understand the importance of performing a thorough investigation and providing our clients with a strategy for representation as quickly as possible while keeping them informed throughout each stage of their defense. Our attorneys have collectively tried and arbitrated hundreds of claims arising from personal and commercial auto accidents.

We also dedicate significant time to educate our clients and carriers on how to operate their businesses safely and to deter litigation through compliance, documentation, investigation and involvement of a proper team before, on the day of accidents and should a case be filed. We inform our clients on the current state of the law, and communicate with our clients on ways to modify policies and procedures, in order to ensure the best possible results, should litigation arise from a collision. We provide this information via webinars, direct responses to requests for information per client/carrier and in-person seminars and presentations.

We are located in Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, South Carolina, Utah and London, UK.

Transportation & Trucking Services 

  • Business structuring and organization
  • Cargo and freight claims
  • Commercial disputes
  • Commercial transportation insurance/insurance coverage matters
  • Contract preparation, review, and negotiation
  • Document preparation (Bills of lading, rate and load confirmations, tariffs, warehouse receipts)
  • Environmental sustainability regulations
  • Transportation brokers
  • Equipment leases and acquisitions
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Notices of Claims
  • Federal and state regulatory compliance
  • Hazardous materials
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Misclassifications of employees and contractors
  • Personal injury claims and litigation
  • Property loss claims and litigation
  • Risk management
  • Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) claims
  • U.S. Department of Transportation safety audits
  • 3PLs and 4PLs

Aviation Services

Resnick & Louis has vast experience assisting aviation clients with transactional, regulatory, investigation and litigation matters associated with their operations. This covers almost all legal issues affecting aircraft and airport operations, including aircraft navigation and maintenance, air traffic control safety, and pilot licensing requirements. Aviation law mostly operates at the federal level, with most aviation regulations and standards enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our aviation attorneys have collectively represented clients in aircraft accident investigations and litigation, aircraft financing and leasing, aviation regulation, and policy and business aviation issues. Our in-depth industry insight in aviation matters helps to give our clients the appropriate legal counsel and exceptional service across the board.

We provide legal counsel for the following aviation matters:

  • Aviation policy
  • Aviation regulation
  • Aircraft litigation surrounding accidents
  • Negotiating aviation agreements and contracts
  • Safety risk management
  • Antitrust issues 
  • Insurance
  • Sales and purchase
  • Providing operational support for commercial litigation
  • Products liability

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