Area of Practice: First Party Property Defense, Bad Faith, & Extra Contractual Defense

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The attorneys at Resnick & Louis have been practicing first party property insurance defense for years. Our firm represents domestic and international insurance carriers / syndicates in various claims regarding homeowners and commercial insureds. It is through an in-depth analysis of the coverage issues surrounding each case and our extensive knowledge of bad faith claims practices that our attorneys are able to successfully defend our clients.

Additionally, our firm has a network of seasoned appraisal experts who provide a superior analysis of damage causation and the cost of repairs/replacements when necessary.


We understand the underlying substantive areas whether general liability, transportation, construction, property, environmental, homeowners, and many others.  We are experienced in litigating tort, contractual, unfair claims practices statutes, and consumer protection statutes.   Our attorneys are experienced in assisting insurance carriers through navigating the claims environment.  We also work with an excellent group of insurance experts and are always looking at creative ways to stay ahead of the Plaintiffs and to provide as an aggressive opposition.  We have experience dealing with bad faith / extra contractual matters arising from third party claims (including assignments of rights) and first party bodily injury and property.

The team at Resnick & Louis, P.C. has extensive experience at all areas of insurance law and insurance defense. Contact us today to how we can help you.

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