Area of Practice: Directors and Officers

Resnick & Louis, P.C. Directors and Officers focuses on assisting D&O insurers analyze director and officer and other related claims, formulate coverage positions, and monitor the underlying litigation in an effort to assist in effectuating prompt, efficient, and cost-effective resolutions. We work closely with our insurer clients to understand, at the beginning of a retention, the nature of the claims and the scope and breadth of the insurer's obligations so that a comprehensive coverage and resolution strategy can be developed as quickly as possible. Toward this end, we seek to address at the outset many of the following issues: duty to defend and/or reimburse the defense; retention and approval of defense counsel and agreement on rates; the appropriateness of multiple counsel where there are multiple insureds; self-insured retention (SIR) and deductible issues; allocation issues involving (i) parties [company versus officers and directors]; (ii) capacity [officers and directors who wear other hats]; and (iii) claims [covered versus non-covered]. We often stay active through conclusion of the underlying litigation so as to assist in formulating a strategy for claim resolution and settlement.

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